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Working with Jerry

We met Jerry three years ago when he had an open house around where we live. We were looking to upgrade to a bigger house, so we went in and chatted with him. We shared our plan with him and he offered some ideas to us. It was such a pleasant talk that we made our decision to have Jerry as our buyer agent.


It was a three-year journey together till we finally bought our dream house. Jerry never pushes us to rush on decisions. He tells us that, “If it is your dream house, you will know it the moment you see it!” He also says, “Don’t buy the house unless both of you fall in love with it.” With that in mind, our decisions are much easier to make. We will just patiently wait for the dream house that we both fall in love with to show up!


Just like Jerry said, our dream house showed up eventually! It meets all our requirements, the location, the size, the age, and so on. The moment I saw it, I emailed the information to Jerry immediately. Guess what, five minutes later, he called back and brought us all the information he had found out from the listing agent. He then got us to take a look at the house the same afternoon. He acts fast and we really appreciate that. We took a look at the house and we both loved it, we made our decision to buy the house on the same day. Jerry is extremely good at negotiating a price that makes both the seller and buyer happy. Following Jerry’s advice, we agreed to a price that was a bit higher than the listing price but well within our budget. Seller was happy about the price too. I believe Jerry has saved us at least $100,000 buying this house! Same night, Jerry secured a verbal agreement over the price. Next morning, we submitted our official offer and it got accepted. So it took only one day from when the house was listed till our offer was accepted. Jerry’s quick action and expert negotiation skill played the most critical role!


I have to mention Jerry's strong network. He has been in the real estate profession for so many years, when you work with Jerry, it is not just him, it includes his A team! The loan agent from his A team got us the best rate that no other bank can match. His insurance agent solved my big headache of finding an insurance company that accepts houses on the hills. Because the price Jerry has negotiated for us on the new house was so good, I don’t need to sell my old house anymore. Jerry even referred the property manager from his A team to handle the rentals for my old house! Without Jerry, we will not have the resources to handle so many other things. His strong network saves us a ton of research time. His reputation guarantees the quality of the service from him and his A team.


The whole closing process was very smooth. Everything worked as we planned. We have moved into our new house and we all love it. Thank you Jerry and your team for making our dream come true!

Bo Chen - Buyer

"My fiancee and I had a complicated situation where we both needed to sell our condos to buy a new house together.  We worked with Jerry to establish a plan where we would sell one condo first, followed by the second, working with the buyers to ensure we had sufficient rent-back time to buy a house,   This was complicated by the rapidly changing market for interest rates, but Jerry explained how the housing market would react, and was very accurate in his projection.  In the end, the condo sales went off as planned, and we were able to buy a new house through his connections just before it went on market." 

Bart Larrenaga - Buyer & Seller

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